Ellie Mae & Lucy Rae
36 x 36

I decided to immortalize my dogs; Ellie and Lucy. It is a huge square canvas, super fun. Still have some tweaking to do, but this is the basic idea.


One day I decided I wanted to paint a person, and I just decided to pull out some pictures and draw someone...I ended up painting my grandpa because he was just the cutest old man you have ever seen. This is an example of something different, with a picture I can paint something similar for you.


Acrylic, Chalk Pastels

Flip Flop
Acrylic, oil pastel
20 x 16

There is a large image and detail image shown.

Gin & Tonics

Acrylic, pastel & charcoal on gallery canvas.
12 x 24

This painting could be done in any array of colors-in any size, horizontal or vertical. Any other shapes or still life pieces could also be used as a subject.


I am really excited about these magnets. They are 2x2 miniature canvases with a magnetic backing I attach. I use rhinestones as an accent on some of them.

Acrylic, Pastel
28 x 42? (I need to get the tape measure out!)

This could be hung horizontal or vertical-looks great any way!

Tre Vino
Acrylic, charcoal, pastel

This could also be done in a more vertical format, I would also love to do it on a really-really long horizontal canvas.

A Pair
Acrylic, pastel on gallery canvas (2)

These are a blend of my bold paintings and a more calm one, perfect for any room. They would look great as a 'pair' or as just one. I think they would look incredible in a much larger size. Think poster size.

Acrylic, charcoal & pastel on gallery canvas

I made a set of these for my parent's lakehouse; one gin and tonic, a margarita on red background and a daquiri glass on a green background. Fun set all together.


Acrylic, pastel, charcoal on gallery canvas

I love this one! It is perfect for an 'end wall' in a kitchen or bar and puts a new spin on the old, stale wine bottle pictures. Can definitely be customized to your kitchen and would look great even bigger. There is a bit of a glare, as it already has the gallery gloss applied.

Acrylic, pastel on gallery canvas

These could be used individually, or combine several to make a larger piece of art.